ARTT 003A. Painting I: Drawing into Painting

This course provides an intensive exploration of the foundational elements of drawing and painting through the practice of direct observation. Subjects of study will include; still life, the figure, interiors, and the landscape. The development of perceptual skills and the capability to translate visual relationships onto a two dimensional surface is central to this course. No prior painting or drawing experience is necessary. Throughout the semester we will engage in frequent discussions addressing historical and contemporary painting problems. The purpose of these discussions is to provide art historical context and concrete examples of the painting issues we confront in class. In addition to learning about the formal principles of painting, the class will provide an overview of practical tool usage and techniques. An emphasis will be placed on good studio habits, making the environment safe, clean, and productive for everyone.
1 credit.
Fall 2023. Exon. Capanna.
Spring 2024. Exon. Capanna.
Fall 2024. Exon. Capanna.
Spring 2025. Capanna.
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