ARTT 126. Painting II: Figure Composition

This advanced level course will focus on the human figure as a means of developing a pictorial composition.  This course will begin with a single figure in the form of a portrait or figurative study.  Gradually, we will combine multiple figures into larger, more complex designs.  The class will work from models on a regular basis.  The students will also develop the skill of developing figures and gestures using drawing as a means of *building* forms from their imaginations.  Outside assignments will contribute to a larger painting executed in the studio, each completed on a two week cycle.  The final will be the most ambitious work combining outside assignments, and in class work sessions, for the last four weeks of the semester (including the reading period).  Weekly critique sessions will focus on the practical challenges associated with figure painting, but the ultimate aim will be to assist each student in realizing a personal, stylistic direction and purpose in their work.  Examples of figurative art from world history and contemporary artists will be discussed.  Each student will be expected to make a verbal presentation of an artist's work whom they admire.  Visits to the museums in Philadelphia, and visits by artists will be featured in the class.
Prerequisite: ARTT 100 OR 110
1 credit.
Spring 2022. Exon.
Catalog chapter: Art and Art History  
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