ARTT 120. Studio Architecture I: Turning Corners; Drawing Arch and 3-D Design

This Beaux-Arts practice of "analytique"-a drawn or sketched, tour of a building's unifying visual elements, proportional relationships, and structural details-will be the primary mode of inquiry in this course. Taking advantage of the great number of the fine examples of historial and contemporary architecture in this region, the class will take a series of field trips to select group of local monuments to gather visual material. We will continue and build on the student's competency and understanding of linear perspective and free hand sketching, established in the prerequisite, while introducing new methods in site measuring and isometric drawing. Extensive use of watercolor and gouache will also be used, although previous experience in these techniques is not required, in order to articulate the decorative and light specific qualities of Humanitites. 
Fall 2021. Wei.
Catalog chapter: Art and Art History  
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