ARTT 127. Studio Architecture II: The Swarthmore Campus and 3D Design

This course applies careful study of the elements and principles of design to the context of the Swarthmore College campus. Through a series of walks and on-campus field trips to sites, archives, and collections, we will consider our lived experiences of the built environment as well as the history of Swarthmore's campus. Each excursion will emphasize an aspect of 3D Design, and will present an exercise to study and deepen understanding of 3D form and space (i.e., line, plane, volume, mass, weight, texture, surface, parts-to-whole relationships). By mid-way through the semester, the scope of course projects will expand to involve design challenges on Swarthmore's campus that involve site analysis, measuring, drawing, and modeling. We will use both analog and digital modes of drawing and modelling. Students will be introduced to human-centered and equity-centered community design practices through our approach to design challenges. At a few points throughout the semester, the scope of our thinking will expand to relate course projects to broader ideas about the role place in higher education and the notion of college campuses in American culture.
Prerequisite: ARTT 120
1 credit.
Spring 2022. Joyner.
Catalog chapter: Art and Art History  
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