LING 108A. Time in Language.

A basic building block of linguistic meaning is communication about time. In this course, we will look at variations in tense and aspect in the world's languages. Building on the formal systems taught in Semantics (LING 040/PHIL 040), we will investigate, describe, and model (i) the effects of tense on verbs, nouns, and other predicates; (ii) grammatical aspect; and (iii) cross-linguistic variation in the interpretation of embedded tenses. We will also discuss seemingly "tenseless" languages, as well as the use of tense and aspect in time-travel-based science fiction. Students will conduct independent research projects on the tense systems of non-English languages.
Prerequisite: LING 040.
Social Sciences.
1 credit.
Eligible for COGS.
Spring 2023. O'Leary.
Catalog chapter: Linguistics
Department website: Linguistics

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