BIOL 030. Animal Behavior

This course provides an integrative and inquiry-based approach to understanding how and why animals behave the way they do.  We build from the foundation of ethology (the study of natural behavior) and explore the current state of the art in this field.  During the first half of the semester students are introduced to the major mechanisms (e.g., learning and memory, communication, sexual behavior, offspring care).  During the second half of the semester, we shift to understanding how these mechanisms and behaviors evolve under natural and sexual selection. Major principles of evolution are covered, including phylogenetics and speciation.  Textbook material is supplemented by primary research articles.  The lab component tracks the lecture organization with a focus on practical  laboratory, behavioral testing and quantitative skill development.  Field trips are typically offered to provide an opportunity for data collection and group projects.  This course serves as a Group A Neuroscience elective.  
Prerequisite: BIOL 001 and BIOL 002.  
Natural sciences and engineering practicum.
Lab required.
1 credit.
Fall 2022. Baugh.
Fall 2023. Baugh.
Catalog chapter: Biology  
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