CPSC 097. Senior Conference

This course provides honors and course majors an opportunity to delve more deeply into a particular topic in computer science, synthesizing material from previous courses. Topics have included dynamic analysis (2013, sensing for healthcare (2012), data management systems (2010, 2011), computer perception (2008, 2009), computational geometry and geographic information systems (2006, 2007), computer security (2005), natural language processing (2004); advanced algorithms (2003); networking (2001, 2002); distributed computing (2000); evolutionary computation (1998 and 1999); complexity, encryption, and compression (1996); and parallel processing (1995). CPSC 097  is the usual method used to satisfy the comprehensive requirement for a computer science major and the senior honors study requirement for a computer science honors major.
Natural science and engineering.
Writing course.
Lab work required.
1 credit.
Catalog chapter: Computer Science  
Department website: https://www.swarthmore.edu/computer-science

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