EDUC 053. Educating Emergent Bilinguals

(Cross-listed as LING 053 )
Emergent bilingual youth-- those students who speak another language at home and are in the process of learning English at school-- are one of the fastest growing and most underserved populations in U.S. schools today. This course examines their experiences through multiple lenses, exploring the impact of immigration policy on schools, linguistic discrimination and English-only ideologies, theories of bilingualism and language development, policies and practices for teaching multilingual students, and asset-based approaches to curriculum, instruction, and parent engagement. Students in the course complete weekly fieldwork in area classrooms serving emergent bilinguals and a small-group study of the neighborhood and school context. Required for students pursuing teacher certification and an essential first course for the ESL Program Specialist certificate.
Prerequisite: EDUC 014  or permission of the instructor.
Social sciences.
1 credit.
Eligible for LALS, ESCH, ASAM
Fall 2022. Phuong.
Fall 2023. Phuong.
Fall 2024. Staff.
Catalog chapter: Educational Studies  
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