GSST 091. Seminar in Gender and Sexuality Studies: Explorations in Theory and Method

This course is a history of four ideas - biopower, jouissance, post-transexual, and intersectionality. We will explore these ideas from multiple perspectives: the conditions (both historical and intellectual) under which they were articulated, the self-questioning which they inspired, the forms of critique which they enabled, and the urgency which surrounds them still. Throughout the course, we will question the distinction between theory and practice, scholarly work and real-life problems. How much work can one idea do? And what appears when we compare the life-work of these four ideas through and beyond the pages of scholarly journals?
Required for GSST Special Major.
Prerequisite: GSST 001 . Juniors with permission of instructor.
1 credit.
Eligible for GSST
Spring 2022. Meirosu.
Catalog chapter: Gender and Sexuality Studies  
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