LATN 050. The Age of Nero

Students can sign up for 50 alone for one credit, or for 50 and 50A for two credits. The principal Latin text will be the Satyricon of Petronius, the earliest novel to have survived (in fragments) from the ancient world. Students in 50 will read about half of the surviving fragments in Latin, especially the famous "Dinner with Trimalchio". Those taking 50A will read the whole text. The text will be treated both as a literary creation and as a document of social history. All students will work over the semester on various drafts of a single research paper. The course is appropriate for advanced Latin students, but also at the intermediate level, i.e., those with at least one semester of college or four years of Latin in high school;  it will include grammar review and vocabulary acquisition.
1 credit.
Spring 2023. Turpin.
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