PEAC 071B. Research Seminar: Global Nonviolent Action Database

(Cross-listed as SOCI 071B )
This research seminar involves working with The Global Nonviolent Action Database built at Swarthmore College. This website is accessed by activists and scholars worldwide. The database contains crucial information on campaigns including those for human rights, democracy, environmental sustainability, economic justice, national/ethnic identity, and peace. Students will investigate a series of research cases and write them up in two ways: within a template of fields (the database proper) and also as a narrative describing the unfolding struggle. Strategic implications will be drawn from theory and from what the group is learning from the documented cases of people's struggles.
Social Science.
Writing course.
1 credit.
Eligible for PEAC, GLBL-core
Fall 2024. Smithey
Catalog chapter: Peace and Conflict Studies   
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