POLS 063. African Politics (CP)

This course provides an introduction to contemporary African politics with a strong focus on political dynamics in particular African countries. We begin with Africa's political history, examining pre-colonial structures, the impacts of colonialism, the post-colonial state and practices of power.  We then examine the social forces that shape contemporary politics (e.g., ethnicity, religion, gender, class) and the range of regime types that have emerged in recent history. The final part of the course focuses on the economic dimensions of politics, conflict dynamics on the continent and the role of local, regional and international actors in addressing development, peace and security issues. The core concepts and theories explored in the course are brought to life through a semester-long reporting project in which students work closely over Skype with experts in the region.
Note distributional change from IR
Social sciences.
1 credit.
Eligible for BLST, GLBL-Paired
Spring 2021. Paddon Rhoads.
Fall 2021. Paddon Rhoads.
Catalog chapter: Political Science  
Department website: http://www.swarthmore.edu/political-science

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