SPAN 063. Latinx Images: Film and Visual Culture

(Crosslisted as LALS 063 LITR 063S )
This course focuses on the audiovisual representation of Latinx in the United States and the politics behind those representations. From Carmen Miranda to Selena and Jennifer Lopez, from the films of Robert Rodríguez to the productions of Lin Manuel Miranda, including works by contemporary visual and performance artists, the course discusses the representation of Latinx identities and sociopolitical issues by both Hollywood and independent Latinx filmmakers and visual artists. Through the analysis of visual narratives in films, documentaries, TV episodes, music videos, performances, and visual artworks, we will examine issues such as the representation of women, sexuality, and gender stereotypes; race, ethnicity and Afro-Latinos; migration, discrimination, and citizenship; and violence, gentrification, and urban life, among other themes relevant to Latinx communities.
1 credit.
Eligible for LALS
Fall 2022. Díaz.
Catalog chapter: Spanish   
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