SPAN 088. Pasados desgarradores: revolución y trauma en la literatura centroamericana

This course focuses on contemporary Central American literature. It begins with the revolutionary poetry, narrative of resistance, and testimonio that emerged out of the sociopolitical turmoil of the isthmus during the decades of war, revolutions, and genocide. We will then study the atmosphere of disenchantment during the postwar period and the aesthetic shift in representations of trauma, violence, and disaffection. We will study novels, short stories, poems, films, music, and read scholarly articles to understand the sociohistorical and literary context of the war and the postwar periods in Central America.
Prerequisite: SPAN 022 , SPAN 023 , the equivalent, or permission of the instructor.
1 credit.
Eligible for LALS, PEAC, GLBL-Paired, CPLT
Fall 2022. Buiza.
Fall 2024. Buiza.
Catalog chapter: Spanish  
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