THEA 012. Acting II

This course is designed to deepen a student's comfort and ability with the principles, techniques, and tools of acting developed in Acting 1. To do so, the actor will engage in exercises and assignments to evolve their ability to be "present" on stage, to work as an ensemble, to take risks, to work with text, and to fully engage the body and voice in the creative process. In order to do so, students will mostly work on classical theatre texts (Shakespeare and Ancient Greek Theatre) as well as contemporary texts that move beyond realism and feature challenging, heightened language. Additionally, Guest Artists will visit the class throughout the semester for one-day workshops, introducing students to Commedia dell'Arte, Greek choral performance, and red-nose clown. Actors will be asked to perform frequently in front of the class, at times improvising, and at times using existing text. The course provides an opportunity for students to deepen the practice of the actor by engaging with challenging material that requires a large, risk-taking performance style.
Prerequisite: THEA 002A  
1 credit.
Spring 2021. Stevens.
Spring 2022. Torra.
Catalog chapter: Theater  
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