THEA 025. Solo Performance

This course serves as both a study and practice of different forms of solo performance including the first-person autobiographical monologue, multiple-characters played by a single performer, and performance art. Part-survey course, part-performance workshop, students will be asked to intellectually engage with the work of renowned solo performance makers. Additionally, students will create their own work, generating original performance material on a weekly basis, culminating in 3-4 individual solo performance pieces throughout the semester. The work made during the course will explore personal storytelling, the body as subject, and the transformative actor.  This class is rooted in empowering artists to articulate what matters to them and finding a translation of that into performance. If circumstances permit, this class will be hybrid with some in-person meetings for students on campus.
Fulfills a general requirement for all theater majors and minors.
1 credit.
Spring 2021. Torra.
Spring 2023. Staff.
Catalog chapter: Theater  
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