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    May 13, 2021  
College Bulletin - Course Catalog

POLS 019. Democratic Theory and Practice

What is democracy, and what does it require? Widespread political participation? Social connectedness? Economic equality? Civic virtue? Excellent education? How well does the contemporary U.S. meet those ideal standards? POLS 019 students read classic and recent texts in normative political theory and empirical political science-addressing what democracy should do and how well the U.S. is doing it augmented by a participatory component that requires several hours per week outside of class. Students engage with civic leaders and activists in the strikingly different communities of Swarthmore and Chester, and participate in a variety of community projects. The goal is to understand better the ways in which social, economic, educational and political resources can affect how citizens experience democracy.
Social sciences.

1 credit.

Eligible for CBL
Catalog chapter: Political Science 
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