College Bulletin 2023-2024 
    Jul 15, 2024  
College Bulletin 2023-2024

DANC 060. Contemporary Modern III

This intermediate-advanced level contemporary modern dance course builds on skills developed in Contemporary Modern I & II. Additional vocabulary and increased floor work, including inversions, will be introduced with a focus on building stamina, increasing technical proficiency, and refining performance quality. Students will engage with movement material in class and observe professional and student dance concerts, and dance on screen projects during the semester to deepen their relationship to dance. If taken for academic credit, concert attendance and two papers are required.
Graded CR/NC.
Prerequisite: DANC 050  or permission from instructor.
0.5 credit or P.E.
Fall 2023. Formica Bender
Spring 2024. Zhao.
Fall 2024. Zhao.
Spring 2025. Formica Bender.
Fall 2025. Staff.
Spring 2026. Staff.
Catalog chapter: Music and Dance: Dance  
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