College Bulletin 2023-2024 
    May 18, 2024  
College Bulletin 2023-2024

ECON 035. Econometrics

Economists increasingly rely on empirical data and statistical techniques to study important questions in the field. In this course, we study the quantitative methods used to assess causal linkages between variables and put economic theories to the test, including simple and multiple regression, difference-in-differences techniques, logit/probit models, instrumental variables, regression discontinuity designs, randomized experiments, and others. In doing so, we explore the theory behind the statistical techniques economists lean on, but also focus on practical applications and examples using real data. In the course, students will also gain experience in the use of Stata, the primary statistical package used by economists. The aim of the course is therefore not only to inform students about the theory behind the techniques used by economists to explore data, but also to empower students with the skills needed to analyze data on their own. 
Prerequisite: ECON 001 and ECON 031 or STAT 021
Social sciences.
1 credit.
Fall 2023. Staff.
Fall 2024. Bhanot.
Fall 2025. Bhanot.
Catalog chapter: Economics  
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