College Bulletin 2023-2024 
    Jul 15, 2024  
College Bulletin 2023-2024

PSYC 103. Research Practicum in Behavioral Neuroscience

This practicum consists of a weekly seminar meeting and a laboratory component. Students will discuss topics related to behavioral neuroscience research and conduct a research project in collaboration with the instructor. Research projects typically relate to feeding and involve behavioral assays, pharmacological manipulations, and/or neuroimaging with mice as the model species. For the lab component, students are required to work in the animal facility for at least 1 hour per week between 9am- 5pm. When taken in the senior year, this practicum fulfills the comprehensive requirement in psychology and neuroscience.
This course may not be taken as pass/fail. 
Prerequisite: PSYC 001 PSYC 025 PSYC 030  or BIOL 022 , or permission of the instructor.
Lab: 1 hour between 9am- 5pm once or more per week.
1 credit.
Spring 2024. Fobbs.
Spring 2025. Fobbs.
Catalog chapter: Psychology  
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