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    Nov 24, 2020  
College Bulletin - Course Catalog

PHIL 089. Philosophy and Speculative Fiction

In a world where technology and our relations to our surroundings are rapidly changing, time itself can appear to be speeding up. Especially when events appear to be spinning out of our control, this can be disconcerting. In this course, we will consider different conceptions of time and the human along with their implications for how we experience our world, the parameters of reality, our mental health, and the future of the human race. We will read and watch classics in speculative fiction (taken in its broad sense as including, for example, science fiction, fantasy, and superhero fiction-although probably no horror fiction–in various forms including text and film) as well as more recent work alongside an exploration of philosophical texts on time, reality, consciousness, embodiment, what makes us human, and how we can adapt to swiftly changing circumstances in order to stretch our minds about what is and what could be for humanity in a time of change.
Prerequisite: First- and second-year students must complete one introductory level PHIL course before enrolling in this course.
1 credit.
January 2021. Lorraine.
Fall 2021. Lorraine.
Catalog chapter: Philosophy  
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