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    Oct 30, 2020  
College Bulletin - Course Catalog

GMST 100. German Studies Research Seminar

This senior seminar focuses on interdisciplinary research done within German Studies and between German Studies and its adjacent disciplines (e.g. Art, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Film and Media Studies, History, Music, Philosophy, Political Science and Sociology). For the first two weeks of the semester, the seminar will trace the development of German Studies methodologies and discuss the histories and theories that inform them. After developing a clear research trajectory with a research statement, guiding questions and a working bibliography, from October to November students will work on their own research topic with weekly guidance from the faculty member and team-based discussion meetings. This seminar will provide seniors (and juniors upon approval) with an opportunity to connect their (inter)disciplinary major to their minor through thorough analytical work that will prepare them not only for honors at Swarthmore, but also for post-graduate careers and continuing education. Drafts of the projects (minimum of 25 pages) will be workshopped with seminar participants in November, and presentations will be held colloquium-style with GMST and affiliated faculty and students at the end of the semester. The final drafts will be submitted to undergraduate and graduate publications in the field.
2 credits.
Catalog chapter: Modern Languages and Literatures: German Studies  
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