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    Nov 24, 2020  
College Bulletin - Course Catalog

CHIN 105. Chinese Theater Seminar

This seminar introduces history of Chinese theater from its emergence as a full-fledged art form in the 10th-11th centuries (the Northern Song) up through its incorporation into modern urban life and nationalist discourse in the first decades of the 20th century (the Republican period). In addition to reading selections from masterpieces of Chinese dramatic literature, we will pay particular attention to the different types of venues, occasions, and performance practices at different moments in time. A central theme will be the cultural meaning associated with acting. All texts to be read in English translation, but students with reading knowledge of Chinese are encouraged to read items in the original. (*At least one special workshop training students in traditional performing art will be arranged.)
2 credits.
Catalog chapter: Modern Languages and Literatures: Chinese  
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