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    Oct 30, 2020  
College Bulletin - Course Catalog

ECON 002A. First-Year Seminar: Emerging Market Economies: The BRICS 1900-2020

Will Brazil, Russia, India, and China be the most dominant economies in the world by 2050? Why is South Africa (S) in the group? We study the economic trajectories of these countries from roughly 1900, emphasizing the roles of domestic reforms and global markets in spurring human capital accumulation, industrial development, and economic growth. We ask how international organizations like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Trade Organization (WTO) are accommodating the emergence of these countries, and what influence the BRICS are likely to exert on the global governance of trade, aid, finance, and the environment.
This course counts as 1 of the 8 economics credits needed to fulfill an economics major, but it does not take the place of ECON 001 . It, therefore, cannot be used to fulfill the ECON 001  prerequisite for further work in the Economics Department.
Social sciences.
1 credit.
Catalog chapter: Economics  
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