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    Jun 23, 2021  
College Bulletin - Course Catalog

MATH 029. Discrete Mathematics

An introduction to noncontinuous mathematics. Topics will include mathematical induction and other methods of proof, basic set theory, bijections, counting, and graph theory. Additional topics may include algorithms, recurrence relations, probability, voting methods, and other topics at the discretion of the instructor. While it does not use any calculus, MATH 029 is a more sophisticated course than MATH 015  or MATH 025 ; thus success in a calculus course demonstrates the mathematical maturity needed for MATH 029.
Prerequisite: A grade of B or better in Math 15, placement into or credit for Math 25, or permission of the instructor.
Natural sciences and engineering.
1 credit.
Eligible for COGS
Spring 2021. Crawford.
Fall 2021. Crawford.
Spring 2022. Staff.
Fall 2022. Staff.
Spring 2023. Staff.
Catalog chapter: Mathematics and Statistics  
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