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    Oct 23, 2021  
College Bulletin - Course Catalog

PSYC 034. Psychology of Language

(Cross-listed as LING 034 )
The capacity for language sets the human mind apart from all other minds, both natural and artificial, and so contributes critically to making us who we are. In this course, we ask several fundamental questions about the psychology of language: How do children acquire it so quickly and accurately? How do we understand and produce it, seemingly without effort? What are its biological underpinnings? What is the relationship between language and thought? How did language evolve? And to what extent is the capacity for language “built in” (genetically) versus “built up” (by experience)?
Prerequisite: PSYC 001 , or COGS 001 , or permission of the instructor.
Social sciences.
1 credit.
Eligible for COGS, GLBL-core
Fall 2021. Grodner.
Catalog chapter: Psychology  
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