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    Sep 27, 2020  
College Bulletin - Course Catalog

PHYS 003L. General Physics I: Motion, Forces, and Energy with Biological and Medical Applications

This course discusses the topics from the first semester of introductory physics with the greatest biological, biochemical, and medical relevance, namely motion, forces (both statics and dynamics), torques (primarily statics), work, conservation of energy and momentum, oscillations, fluid statics and dynamics, and thermal and statistical phenomena. A core goal is to develop connections between physics and the other sciences. The course addresses the appropriate medical school competencies in conjunction with PHYS 004L .
Prerequisite: MATH 015   (may be taken concurrently). 
Natural sciences and engineering practicum.
Lab required.
1 credit.
Fall 2020. Geller.
Fall 2021. Staff.
Catalog chapter: Physics and Astronomy  
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