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    Aug 15, 2018  
College Bulletin - Course Catalog

THEA 021A. Fundamentals of Dramaturgy

This course will investigate a tripartite nature of dramaturgy as it is currently regarded and practiced in American theater. Structural dramaturgy: tragedy, comedy, melodrama, farce, the well-made play, and modern departures thereof. Production dramaturgy: collaborative process, methods and strategies for historical research, note taking, script editing, and adaptation. Institutional dramaturgy: script evaluation, season planning, mission statements, grant proposals, marketing and audience outreach. Through readings, discussions, writing assignments, and engagement with campus productions (and perhaps area productions), students will sidestep the deathless-and deadly-question, "What is a dramaturg?" to focus on how dramaturgs think and what they do with what they know.
0.5 - 1 credit.
Spring 2019. Staff.
Fall 2019. Staff.
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